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Chair:  Architect SO Ching
Member:  Architect CHAN Chak Bun
  Architect CHEN Marvin
  Architect CHEUNG Kong Yeung
  Architect LAU Man Kwan Julia
  Architect LEUNG Hay Lin
  Architect TAM Kwok Chi
  Architect YU Franklin



Terms of reference


The Committee oversees matters relating to architectural education, accreditation, the recognition of non-local architectural as well as related education systems and professional qualifications under the direction of the Board.

Details of work are listed as follows:

1. To set and review the qualification standards for registration as a RA and related registration matters (Section 8(b))

2. To entrust the HKIA in organizing the HKIA/ARB professional assessment.

3. To assist the architectural profession and the HKSAR government in the development, quality assurance and accreditation of architectural education in Hong Kong.

4. To pursue the recognition of non-local architectural and related education systems and professional qualifications.

5. To organize, support and promote the events and seminars that would be of RAs’ benefit on professional development.

Frequency of the meetings: 3-5 times (over lunch) per year

Size of the Committee: 5-9 members

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