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Chair:  Architect CHEUNG Kong Yeung
Member:  Architect AU YEUNG Pak Hung
  Architect CHAN Hon Wan Edwin
  Architect CHAN Wing Ki Margaret
  Architect CHO Wing Cheong Peter
  Architect HSIUNG Yee Ming Donna
  Architect LEE Chi Chung Wilson
  Architect LI Chun Luen
  Architect TANG Chun Wai John
  Architect TSANG Kwok Leung Derrick
  Architect WONG Po Lung John
  Architect YIP Sze Tsun



Terms of reference


The Registration Committee is a committee established under section 17 of the Architects Registration Ordinance (“ARO”)(Cap 408):

1. The Board may appoint a committee of not less than 3 persons who are members of the Institute to examine the qualifications of applicants.

2. The Chief Executive may nominate a person to be a member of the Registration Committee, and if a person is so nominated, the Board shall appoint him to the Committee.

3. The Registration Committee shall make recommendations to the Board on the acceptability of qualifications which require the Board’s acceptance under section 13(1)(a)(ii) or (iii).

4. The Board shall not be bound by a recommendation of the Registration Committee under subsection (3).

5. The Board may delegate any of its functions relating to registration and the renewal of registration to the Registration Committee.


Details of work are listed as follows:

1. To examine and verify the qualifications of applicants for registration or renewal as Registered Architect ("RA");

2. To make recommendations to the Board on the acceptability of applicants for registration or renewal as RA;

3. To review and monitor the registration and renewal process as RA, including the Professional Assessment; and

4. To advise the Board generally on matters concerning the registration and renewal of registration as a RA.

Frequency of the meetings: 3-5 times (over lunch) per year

Size of the Committee: 5-12 members

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