Use Of “Architect” Title

The title “architect” is protected by law. Any individual wishes to use the title “architect”, or use it in the name of a company must comply with Section 30 of the Architects Registration Ordinance (Cap. 408) (“ARO”).

A person whose name does not appear on the register shall not be entitled to describe himself as “architect” or “registered architect” or to use the initials “R.A.” after his name.

If you are an architect qualified with an overseas body or institute of architects formed outside Hong Kong but not registered with ARB, or if a firm or company wants to use the description of “architect” or “registered architects” or the initials “R.A.”, you have to comply with Sections 30(3) and 30(4) of the ARO (Cap. 408).

Guidelines for the “USE OF TITLE” can be downloaded here for your information. You should always refer to the ARO (Cap. 408).

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