ARB Code Of Professional Conduct

Apart from the Architects Registration Ordinance (“ARO”) (Cap. 408), all registered architects are also bound by the ARB Code of Professional Conduct. You can download a copy here.

ARB Code of Professional Conduct
  • A Registered Architect shall endeavour to promote architectural excellence through his work and by the encouragement of others.
  • A Registered Architect shall carry out the duties he undertakes under the Client / Architect Agreement to the best of his ability and shall have a proper regard for the interests of all those who may be expected to use or enjoy the result of his efforts.
  • A Registered Architect shall at all times, whether in the course of business or not, conduct himself with the honesty, integrity and propriety to be expected of a member of an honourable profession. He shall not act in any manner which is liable to bring the profession of architecture in Hong Kong into disrepute.
  • A Registered Architect shall act impartially and professionally at all times. He shall administer building contracts under his control with fairness and integrity.
  • A Registered Architect shall not have any interest, financial or personal, in connection with any business which may be inconsistent or in conflict with his professional obligations, unless such interest or connection is fully declared to all parties likely to be affected by such interest.
  • A Registered Architect shall rely only on ability, performance and experience as the basis for his business advancement, and shall not maliciously criticise the work of another architect.
  • A Registered Architect shall be automatically disqualified to serve or act as a partner or director of any architectural practice proffering services to the public when he becomes an undischarged bankrupt or has his application for renewal or registration rejected by the Architects Registration Board.

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