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Legal Affairs Committee


Chair:  Architect LEUNG Kit Man Andy
Member:  Architect CHEUNG Suet Fai
  Architect IP Man Kiu Irene
  Architect LAI Yip Hung
  Architect LAU Man Kwan Julia
  Architect LEE Siu Wing Ivy
  Architect SUEN Warren Lampson
  Architect TAM Kwok Chi
  Architect YU Franklin



Terms of reference


The Committee deals with the legal matters of the Board under the Architects Registration Ordinance (“ARO”) (Cap 408).


Detail works are listed as follows:

1. To make rules for the conduct and discipline of RAs (section 9(d) refers);

2. To monitor the progress of disciplinary proceedings;

3. To review the procedures/guidelines of disciplinary proceedings;

4. To consult and seek clarification with the legal advisor on interpretation of the ARO; and

5. To make recommendations to the Board on enforcement and implementation of the ARO.

Frequency of the meetings: 3-5 times (over lunch) per year

Size of the Committee: 5-12 members

Requirement: with legal/ arbitration background and/or serving disciplinary board experience

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