The Architects Registration Ordinance (Chapter 408) is an Ordinance to provide for the registration of architects and disciplinary control of the professional activities of registered architects, and for related matters. The Ordinance applies to any person who is involved in the design, construction or fitting out of buildings and who describes himself as an architect.

The Architects Registration Board is a body corporate established under the Ordinance having perpetual succession and a common seal.

The Board consists of ten members appointed by the Council of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects and one member appointed by the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

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Gazetting of ARB membership 2018-2020


From left to right:
1. Sr. LEUNG Lap Ki
2. Ms. FONG Suet Yuen Carolin
3. Mr. TSANG Mo Chau
4. Mr. CHI Wuh Cherng Daniel
5. Dr. WAI Chui Chi Rosman
6. Mr. TSENG Yen Wei William
7. Mr. CHAN Chak Bun
8. Mr. CHAN Chiu Ming
9. Mr. TSANG Wai Yin Michael
10. Mr. CHEUNG Suet Fai
11. Mr. YU Franklin
Legal Affairs Committee Chair
Education & Accreditation Committee Chair
Registration Committee Chair
House Committee Chair
Architects Registration Board 2018-2020
Chairman : Mr. TSENG Yen Wei, William
Vice Chairman : Mr. CHAN Chak Bun
Member : Mr. CHAN Chiu Ming
Mr. CHEUNG Suet Fai
Mr. CHI Wuh Cherng, Daniel
Ms. FONG Suet Yuen, Carolin
Mr. TSANG Mo Chau
Mr. TSANG Wai Yin
Dr. WAI Chui Chi, Rosman
Mr. YU Franklin
Mr. LEUNG Lap Ki, Francis
    The below committees, appointed by the Board, are formed to deal with specific works for the ARB :
    Registration Committee
    Chairman : Mr. CHAN Chiu Ming
    Member : Mr. CHI Wuh Cherng, Daniel
    Mr. CHEUNG Suet Fai
  • Terms of reference    (click)

      The committee shall

      - examine and verify the qualifications of applicants for registration or renewal as Registered Architect ("RA")

      - make recommendations to the Board on the acceptability of applicants for registration or renewal as RA

      - review and monitor the registration and renewal process as RA including the Professional Assessment

      - advise the Board generally on matters concerning the registration and renewal of registration as a RA examine and verify RA's qualification for application as APEC Architect

  • Education & Accreditation Committee
    Chair : Dr. WAI Chui Chi, Rosman
    Member : To be confirmed
  • Terms of reference    (click)

      The committee shall

      - oversee matters relating to architectural education, accreditation, the recognition of non-local architectural as well as related education systems and professional qualifications under the direction of the Board.

      - entrust the HKIA in organizing the HKIA/ARB professional assessment.

      - assist the architectural profession and the HKSAR government in the development, quality assurance and accreditation of architectural education in Hong Kong.

      - pursue the recognition of non-local architectural and related education systems and professional qualifications.

      - set and review the qualification standards for registration as a RA and related registration matters (Section 8(b) of the ARO refers)

      - organize, support and promote the events and seminars that would be of RAs' benefit on professional development.

  • House Committee
    Chairman : Mr. TSANG Wai Yin
    Member : Mr. CHEUNG Suet Fai
  • Terms of reference    (click)

      The committee shall

      - look after the administrative matters of the Board and responsible for scrutinizing the annual budget and review of the sharing ratio with HKIA. It may also need to closely collaborate with HKIA to consider any policy matters related to joint resources, staffing and premises.

      - keep proper records of its proceedings and accounts (section 8(g) of the ARO refers)

      - make rules for the reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred by persons attending to the business of the Board (section 9(e) of the ARO refers)

      - review and recommend to the Board the rate of subscription or levy prescribed for the purposes of sections 9(a), 14(2), 16(3) and 16(6) of the ARO and all registration related fees.

      - advise on any other financial and administration matters referred to it by the Board.

  • Legal Affairs Committee
    Chairman : Mr. TSANG Mo Chau
    Member : Mr. CHAN Chiu Ming
  • Terms of reference    (click)

      The committee shall

      - deal with the legal matters of the Board under the Architects Registration Ordinance (Cap 408).

      - make rules for the conduct and discipline of RAs (section 9(c) of the ARO refers)

      - monitor the progress of disciplinary proceedings

      - review the procedures/guidelines of disciplinary proceedings

      - consult and seek clarification with the legal advisor on interpretation of the ARO

      - make recommendations to the Board on enforcement and implementation of the ARO.

      - enforce / promote the use of "R.A." title.