Become a Registered Architect

You can apply to join the register of Architects Registration Board (“ARB”) if you meet the qualifications as set out in Section 13(1) of the Architects Registration Ordinance (“ARO”). Section 13(1) of ARO says:

Qualifications for registration

(1) The Board shall not register a person as a registered architect unless -

(a) He –

  • is a member of the Institute; or
  • is a member of an architectural body, the membership of which is accepted by the Board as being of a standard not less than that of a member of the Institute; or
  • has passed such examinations in architecture and other subjects and has received such training and experience as the Board may accept, either generally or in a particular case, as a qualification of a standard not less than that of a member of the Institute; and

(b) he satisfies the Board that he has had 1 year’s relevant professional experience in Hong Kong before the date of his application for registration; and
(c) he is ordinarily resident in Hong Kong; and
(d) he is not the subject of an inquiry committee or a disciplinary order under Part IV which precludes him from being registered under this Ordinance; and
(e) he satisfies the Board by declaration in writing that he is competent to practise as an architect; and
(f) he is fit and proper person to be registered.

To become member of the HKIA, please refer to

Qualifications recognized by HKIA/ARB

To see if your non-local architectural professional qualification is recognized by HKIA/ARB, please check here at HKIA website.

Application for Registration

If you wish to apply for registration, please go to New Application for Registration.

Once your registration is completed, your name, address and registration number will be entered in the register of ARB. The register is available to the public through our website.

Using the title “Architect”

Being registered with ARB, you can officially describe yourself as an architect, or registered architect, or R.A. You can print this title on your business card. It tells your employer, clients and the members of the public that you are fully a trained and qualified professional in the field of architecture.

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