Circular No.: 23/2021
2021-10-18 ARB Circular No.:23/2021

Dear Registered Inspectors,


Invitation to Nomination of Registered Architects to
Registered Inspectors’ Disciplinary Board Panel (“RI DB Panel”)
Under Section 5A of the Buildings Ordinance, Cap 123


The Architects Registration Board (“ARB”) is invited by the Buildings Department (“BD”) to make 8 nominations of registered architects (“RAs”) that ARB considers suitable for the Building Authority (“BA”)’s recommendation to the Chief Executive (“CE”)’s consideration of appointment to the Registered Inspectors’ Disciplinary Board Panel (“RI DB Panel”). The tenure of appointment will be three years commencing 1 April 2022.

The CE shall appoint not less than 1 and not more than 5 RAs to the RI DB Panel, and the BD reserves the right of examining the suitability of the nominees in order to adhere to the provision of the Buildings Ordinance (“BO”).

Criteria as set by the BD

(a) MUST be a Registered Inspector (“RI”);
(b) Must NOT be a member of an Inspectors Registration Committee;
(c) Should NOT be serving more than 6 governmental boards or committees concurrently (including the proposed nomination to serve in the RI DB Panel);
(d) Should NOT have sat in the RI DB Panel for more than 6 years by end of March 2022; and
(e) Younger person where appropriate is preferred.

ARB’s Recommendation

ARB regards that RI DB Panel is an important external representation and prefers the nominees to possess at least 15-year RA and AP experiences.

Points to Note

1) ARB would consider gender balance in participation and contribution to community service as suggested by the Buildings Department.

2) Hearing will be conducted on need-basis and panel member appointed as member of the disciplinary board will be remunerated at HK$2,500 per day / HK$1,250 per half day, inclusive of traveling expenses.


Expression of Interest of Being Nominated

For the RA who would like to put forward his/her nomination, please provide the following documents to ARB for consideration by fax (fax no. 2519 6011) or by email ( 25 October 2021:

- BD’s designated nomination form (Form 1);
- An up-to-date CV; and
- ARB’s designated declaration and nomination form (Form 2)


Thank you for your kind attention.

Yours faithfully,


Queenie WONG (Ms)

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