Upon fulfilling the qualifications for registration as per Section 13 of the Architects Registration Ordinance (ARO), “The Registrar may, on payment by a registered architect to the Board of a fee, issue to the registered architect a certificate of registration or a certificate of renewal of registration in the form specified by the Board” in accordance with Section 18 of ARO.

Having had reviewed the procedures for the re-issuance of the certificate of registration (thereafter “CoR”) or the certificate of renewal of registration (thereafter “CoRoR”) as may be requested by the Registered Architect (RA) from time to time, the Architects Registration Board will adopt the following measures with immediate effect :


a) Only ONE original hardcopy of CoRoR shall be issued to the qualified RA upon renewal of registration.
b) Until the next renewal of registration, NO replacement copy of the original CoRoR will be issued in the interim.
c) The RA may instead apply to the Board for a CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of the CoRoR by completing the application form for Surcharge of Re-issuance of ARB Certificate. Please refer to
  A surcharge of HK$300 would be required for every CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of CoRoR.
d) The existing practice of the issuance of replacement copy of the original CoR at a surcharge of HK$ 300 shall remain unchanged.

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