Use of “Architect” title

In response to the media coverage about the charges of Ex-Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen, Architects Registration Board, HKSAR (“ARB”) would like to make the following clarifications:

1) Use of “Architect” title
In accordance with section 30(1) under Part VI of Architects Registration Ordinance (Cap. 408), Laws of Hong Kong (“ARO”)–

A person whose name does not appear on the register shall not be entitled to describe himself as “architect” or “registered architects” or to use the initials “R.A.” after his name.

i.e. a person is not entitled to use the title of “architect” if his name is not on the Architects Register kept by ARB.

**Please browse the Register from HERE.

2) How to qualify for registration as an Architect?
To become an “architect” or “registered architect”, a person MUST fulfil section 13 of ARO. Otherwise, the ARB shall refuse his application.

Full text of ARO can be downloaded from HERE.

With regard to the person named as an “architect” on the media coverage dated 5 October 2015, his name was not on the Register and he cannot be described as an “Architect”.

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