[ARB Circular 08/2020]
2020-05-19 ARB Circular No.:[ARB Circular 08/2020]

Dear Registered Architects,

ARB's Response to Registered Architects' Concern Over a Petition on Sing Tao Daily Dated 30 September 2019

Referring to our circular to Registered Architects (RAs) on 6 December 2019 on the captioned matter [ARB Circular 14/2019], the Architects Registration Board (“ARB”) wishes to update RAs of the following actions which have been taken as part of our investigation concerning the subject advertisement published in Sing Tao Daily (“Newspaper”) on 30 September 2019 (“Subject Advertisement”):

- ARB has identified 138 names or initials using the title(s) of “Architect” or “Registered Architect” in the Subject Advertisement that could not match any name of any registered architect in the Register. Legal advice has been sought. It appears that relevant provision(s) under ss.31 of the Architects Registration Ordinance (“ARO”) might have been contravened.

- In this regard and for the purpose of further investigation into this matter, letters have been issued to Sing Tao Limited (i.e., the publisher of the Newspaper) by ARB (through itself and its legal representative) on 25 October 2019, 19 November 2019 and 2 January 2020 respectively requesting for the disclosure of the identity(ies) and contact method(s) of the person(s) or entity(ies) placing the Subject Advertisement. However, no response from Sing Tao Limited has been received.

- Since no cooperation could be solicited from Sing Tao Limited, upon the advice of the legal adviser, ARB has reported the suspected criminal offence to the Police for further investigation, on 8 May 2020 by mail and on 13 May 2020 via e-Report Centre.

Yours sincerely,

Queenie Wong
Architects Registration Board, HKSAR

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