Result of HKIA Appointment to Architects Registration Board (“ARB”) 2016-2018 under Architects Registration Ordinance (Cap. 408)

In accordance with sections 4(1) and 4(3) of Architects Registration Ordinance, Laws of Hong Kong, the Council of HKIA at its meeting on 30 April 2016 appointed the following 10 HKIA members (in alphabetical order) for 2 years.

1) CHAN Chak Bun (Re-appointment)
2) CHAN Chiu Ming (New appointment)
3) CHAN Chuen Chi Simon (New appointment)
4) CHEN Marvin (Re-appointment)
5) CHI Wuh Cherng Daniel (New appointment)
6) KWAN Kwok Lok Joseph (Re-appointment)
7) TSANG Mo Chau (Re-appointment)
8) TSANG Wai Yin (New appointment)
9) TSENG Yen Wei William (Re-appointment)
10) WAI Chui Chi Rosman (Re-appointment)

Together with the Sr. LEUNG Lap-ki, member appointed by the Chief Executive under Section 4(2) of ARO, the ARB 2016-2018 would take office on 17 May 2016.

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